The Truman Brewery | Shoreditch, london

about the project

Client: Vegan nights. A vibrant and energetic monthly vegan night food market based in East London at the Truman Brewery.  

Date: First thursday of each month

Brief: Cover the events key pillars: Food, Music, Diversity and provide energetic and colourful one minute social edits. Monthly event.


Vegan Nights has been a growing and important social event for London’s plant based population for over a year now. However, as the event itself rapidly grows, our challenge has been ensuring each event highlight edit not only represents the the key pillars of Vegan Nights but that each edit carries it’s own part of the story. 

We’ve worked hard to make sure each one minute social edit has it’s own unique style while continuing to keep the watcher engaged with the energy, excitement and plant based food porn that Vegan Nights offers. This really is one of the most popular monthly events hosting the fastest growing movement in our generation. Visually we had to match it!